Mineral Oils

GDO 75 is an odorless, colorless and tasteless fully refined white mineral. Our product meets or exceeds the FDA code of federal regulations for direct use in food.
BSO 75 is a high purity spray oil for protecting plant life against disease and pests. It is biodegradable and safe to the end user. An ultra high unsulfonated residue level keeps toxicity to plants is very low. BSO 75 can be used to control both Yellow and Black Sigatoka disease.
White mineral oils are highly-refined mineral petroleum oils consisting of complex straight- and branched-chain saturated hydrocarbons. The resulting product is odorless and colorless with the highest purity and lowest toxicity possible.
We sell a broad range of light to heavy mineral oil. If your company has a special specification we can collaborate and create completely custom mixed oil that will fit your needs. Our white mineral oil is Kosher certified as well as meeting all current FDA requirements for technical white mineral oil as certified by outside qualified labs.
Group II Paraffinic Based Oils
Produced through today’s modern hydro-processing and catalytic de-waxing technology, Group 2 base oils meet the industry’s highest standards for quality and performance.