Within the last few decades a series and unprecedented efforts has been the trend as to research and development of new technologies in the modified asphalt field. Sasol Wax, our partner in the production of the raw material combination that has revolutionized the industry in Europe and the United States is today being introduced in Central America and the Caribbean by Glare with the effective customized blending being designed by our local partners. This, with the increased need to effectively increase production and on the field operational efficiency as well as optimizing an unprecedented quality in asphaltic bitumens that will in the near future save governments millions in maintenance as well as insurance companies in accident prone roads and highways at both industrial and individual levels, thus keeping premiums at a good global economic level. For more information on our line of products please contact us and our staff will gladly tend to your needs.


Asphalt Products

  • Sasobit: Sasobit is excellent for high temperature stiffness in both pavement and roofing applications. Also, Sasobit makes it possible to upgrade softer grades of asphalt to harder grades whilst at the same time working to overcome deformation and “bleeding” at high performance temperatures. Sasobit dissolves within minutes in asphalt at temperatures above 248° F (120° C) and will not separate out on storage. The dramatic reduction in viscosity at working temperatures makes the asphalt easier to process, provides the option of reducing working/mixing temperatures and thereby reducing fume emissions, saving energy and reducing production cycle times.
  • Sasoflex: Sasobit plus Polymer plus a cross-linking agent. In addition to the benefits of Sasobit outlined above in improving high temperature stiffness (DSR), the Polymer contributes to elasticity at low temperatures in meeting the desired flexibility (BBR). The proprietary cross-linking agent (Sasolink) establishes a Polymer network system thereby working more effectively and providing opportunity for reduced Polymer loading in meeting target PG specifications. The Polymer selected may be SBS, SBR, Crumbed Rubber, Polyethylene, etc. This menu driven option provided by Sasoflex provides the Customer with freedom to select the best technical solution that will also be most cost effective. For example, the ratio of Sasobit to any selected Polymer can be varied to suit a particular asphalt type and target specification. New developments now make it possible for Customers to have extruded pellet/granular form of Sasoflex to meet individual Customer preferences for transportation and handling.
  • Sasolink: Sasolink is a novel cross-linking agent concept that enables larger Customers to maintain control over their own Polymer supplies and in-house systems but still have access to the benefits of cross-linking. New developments now make it possible for customers to now co-extrude Sasolink plus polymers (e.g. SBS, SBR, SB, Crumb Rubber, PVC, Elvaloy or any polymer used in asphalt modification into an easily usable form. The new technology renders polymers “self-cross linking” thereby easing production of PMA. An extruded version of Sasolink is also available in addition to a flow able liquid version.

Modified Asphalts around the world: Road Trials

Piedmont, Italy

  • First Project in Italy
  • Road Had to be Reopened Quickly
  • Very Little Time was Available to Pave
  • Two Layers were done and Road Reopened in 5 Hours.

Moorfleeter Strabe, Germany

  • Official Trial from Hamburg Road Authority
  • Quality Comparison with Polymer Modified Binder
  • Comparison of Compaction and Handling
  • Mixing and Compaction was Much Easier
  • Mixing & Compaction Temperatures were 15°C – 20°C Lower

Hamburg Airport, Germany

  • Complete Wearing Course Replacement
  • Low Void Content Requested (3.3%)
  • High Deformation Resistance
  • Both Were Achieved Easily
  • Mixing, Application, & Compaction Temperatures were 10°C – 20°C Lower than for Types Usually Applied to Runways

Frankfurt International, Germany

  • Runway North of Frankfurt International
  • One of Europe’s Busiest Airports
  • Runway can not be Shut Down During the Day/Paving at Night
  • Mix Temperature was Lowered by 30°C
  • Set Time Reduced to Allow for Reopen for First Flight – Working Window 10:30pm to 6:00 am
  • Compaction was Easy to Achieve

NASCAR Race Track

  • Oval Track 1.5 miles Long
  • Average Race Speed 126 mph
  • Project To Resurface Track Including Garage Area
  • Contractors On Site Requested the our Product after Initial Use.
  • They Described Getting Required Specifications Much Easier

Other Paving Projects

  • New York State Highway
  • Rhode Island – Slurry Seal
  • New Mexico – Slurry Seal
  • 4 Major Environmental Landfills
  • Alaska – Cold Mixes & Crack Sealant
  • Europe – Over 60 Projects & Trials

Projects in Central America

  • Los Volcanes race track, Guatemala
  • San Martin, San Rafael Cedros, El Salvador
  • Proyecto Boulevard Orden de Malta, El Salvador